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All-on-Four implants for smile restoration

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The team at Modern Dental Studio in East Brunswick, New Jersey, believes patients should have options for replacing missing teeth. While several methods are available for tooth replacement, it can be overwhelming to decide which is right for you. Our team can assist by educating you on each option, including our popular all-on-four dental implant system to replace all the teeth in the dental arch.

What are all-on-four dental implants?

Dr. Tripthi Shetty of Modern Dental Studio describes the all-on-four implant system as a revolutionary treatment that replaces a full set of teeth with just four dental implants. All-on-four allows patients to replace their teeth in one day while providing the same comfort and convenience as firmly placed dentures. The system utilizes advanced technology that enables the placement of the implant posts directly into the jawbone, ensuring maximum stability and durability.

Who is a good candidate for all-on-four dental implants?

An all-on-four system is ideal for many people who are missing all of their natural teeth due to periodontal disease or other reasons. Although it requires fewer implants than traditional techniques, it provides a more secure foundation for replacing multiple teeth at once, allowing patients to return to usual activities, such as eating and speaking, much faster. Patients can expect long-lasting results from the all-on-four system.

What are all the benefits of all-on-four dental implants?

The all-on-four implant systems offer many advantages over traditional tooth replacement options such as dentures and bridges:

  • The procedure is minimally invasive, often requiring only four implant posts to be placed in the jawbone
  • This procedure involves a shorter recovery time with fewer follow-up visits than other methods of tooth replacement
  • This system offers better stability and support from tooth replacements, allowing patients to return to activities they may have been unable to do with dentures or bridges. This includes chewing hard foods or talking without fear of losing the denture
  • All-on-four implants do not require any suction or adhesives like traditional full dentures do

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