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Antibiotic treatment for periodontal disease

At Modern Dental Studio of East Brunswick, New Jersey, Dr. Tripthi Shetty use the latest advances in dental technology and procedures to provide comprehensive periodontal care to patients. Periodontal disease (gum disease) is a common condition that affects the gum tissues around teeth, often leading to tooth loss over time. This inflammation can even spread throughout the body through the oral-systemic connection, leading to other health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. However, early diagnosis and treatment, such as antibiotic therapy, can help prevent future damage and restore oral health.

The many stages of periodontal disease

There are several types of periodontal diseases, but all are caused by a bacterial infection in the mouth. The primary cause of this infection is plaque buildup on teeth, which forms when bacteria adhere to the surfaces of teeth and grow into colonies known as biofilms. Patients may also notice swelling and bleeding gums when they brush and floss. Over time, these biofilms produce harmful toxins that weaken the gums and lead to inflammation or gingivitis. This inflammation progresses into more severe periodontal disease, including chronic or advanced periodontitis, if left untreated.

Antibiotics in periodontal therapy

Depending on the type of bacterial infection and severity of periodontal disease, your dentist may recommend different types of antibiotic treatment. These treatments can be applied topically in the form of gels or rinses, orally as pills or capsules, or intravenously through an injection. An oral rinse is often prescribed for mild cases of gingivitis, while more severe infections will likely require a prescription for antibiotics by mouth to help control the infection. In some cases, patients with advanced periodontal disease may need IV antibiotics administered directly into their bloodstream over a short time to promote healing and restore oral health. Antibiotics for periodontitis are one of the most effective ways to treat the infection and bring the smile back to health.

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If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms of periodontal disease, such as red and swollen gums, loose teeth, or receding gums, it is vital to seek treatment from a dental professional.

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Dr. Tripthi Shetty

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