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The mouth/body connection and how your oral health impacts overall health

 You may think of each part of the body as a standalone system. However, studies continue to show the link between certain conditions in one part of the body and another. This referred connection can help medical professionals provide a proper diagnosis of conditions that might be affecting an individual. When it comes to dental health and overall health, there is a link known as the oral-systemic connection, or the mouth/body connection, that can tell a lot about your body to a dentist. Dr. Tripthi Shetty of Modern Dental Studio in East Brunswick, New Jersey, educate patients on this link and possible conditions.

  • Dental health and heart disease. One strong link is the link between the smile and the heart. Patients who have periodontal disease may also be dealing with heart conditions. Heart disease can also lead to periodontal disease. Heart disease is responsible for heart attacks and inflammation of the arteries that can affect the gums and teeth
  • Dental health and diabetes. Another very strong connection is between diabetes and dental health. Diabetes puts patients at risk for various problems like nerve damage, kidney issues, eye issues, and infections. However, it can also put patients at risk for periodontal disease, cavities, and dry mouth symptoms due to high blood sugar levels
  • Dental health and respiratory issues. There is also a connection between dental health and respiratory issues, such as asthma. Patients with asthma were found to have higher levels of bacteria in their mouths than those without asthma. A thick, sticky mucus build-up from the bacteria can be inhaled and cause inflammation which can lead to an actual attack

Learn more about the connection between dental health and overall health

 If you are ready to educate yourself further on the link between the mouth and body, it is a great time to connect with Dr. Tripthi Shetty of East Brunswick, New Jersey.

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